Step 5: Place that order!


You are almost ready for the real thing!!! But before you hit the coffee house, let's do some role-playing and see if you are ready to

Role Play Instructions:

Step 1: In your assigned group, we will practice out the ordering process. The teacher and the teaching assistants will be the Barristas, you and your fellow classmates will practice ordering coffee and responding to the Barrista's questions.

Step 2: Now that everyone is comfortable with the process, we will do the role-plays (group by group) in front of the class. This way you can get comfortable with many eyes on you (like it is in the store)

Step 3: Congratulations!!!
You're ready to ORDER UP!!
The class will take a field trip to the next door Starbucks and everyone will actually have a chance to order their favorite coffee.

Watch how everyone does. When we get back to class we will discuss our performance.

Step 4: Class discussion. While we are all enjoying our coffee, we will discuss our performance.

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Need some help
with the lingo?

Go over some of the Starbucks lingo that will help you in understanding the world of Starbucks.

Coffee break time!

Take a coffee break
and have some coffee fun with Starbucks.