Step 3: Watch the Action


You've had a chance to study the lingo and the actual dialogues of what goes on when ordering coffee, now it's time for some first-hand observations.


Watch the magic!

Each member of the group needs to choose one Starbucks location to observe the dynamics of coffee ordering. (find the nearest location)

Observe and take notes on everything that goes on, and when you are done, enter your observations into the class blog. (Make sure you sign up to follow the entries!)

You can include such items as:

  • how the customers react towards each other (line cutting, indications of inpatience, do they wait patiently, etc...)
  • how friendly are the customers / barristas
  • if a customer is unsure of their order, how do they handle it?
  • the pace of the ordering process
  • Is there any confusion in the ordering processs?
  • how do customers perform when they are ordering multiple orders? How do they manage to carry all the orders out?
  • Is there any trouble with the actual order placing (with the names)? Any fumbling over the words?
  • if the store is busy, does it get chaotic or is the flow of the store orderly? Do customers know where to go?
  • how do customers occupy their time in line?
  • do you see any things that could be handled differently?

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Need some help
with the lingo?

Go over some of the Starbucks lingo that will help you in understanding the world of Starbucks.

Coffee break time!

Take a coffee break
and have some coffee fun with Starbucks.