Step 2: Learn the Lingo


Before you can order, you will need to know the right words and expressions to use. Study the new terminology, add in any new terms that are important, and when you are done, test your knowledge.

Coffee terms

When you're ordering coffee, it's important that you know the right words and expressions. Go through this wiki to learn the coffee terms and add in any other terms that are important.

When you're done, take this quiz

Starbucks speak

Another important detail to ordering coffee is learning the lingo of Starbucks. Go through this wiki so you can talk like a regular customar and add in any other terms that you find.

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For help with your Starbucks Speak
Read this interesting article Understanding Starbucks Speak. It will help you in learning this new "caffeinated" language.

Did you know: You can define and translate any word on this page by just double-clicking on it!!! Or you can look it up on the right -->

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Need some help
with the lingo?

Go over some of the Starbucks lingo that will help you in understanding the world of Starbucks.

Coffee break time!

Take a coffee break
and have some coffee fun with Starbucks.