Welcome to Starbucks!!


In America, one of our favorite pasttimes is going for coffee. We like to enjoy a cup of coffee while talking with friends or reading a good book. This lesson is going to prepare you for going to prepare you for going to Starbucks (the most popular of coffee houses) and instruct you how to order YOUR favorite cup of coffee! Good luck!

A little bit about Starbucks

Starbucks is a chain store found on nearly every corner in nearly every neighborhood and is one of the most successful coffee houses with an internationally known brand. This is America's favorite coffee house and one of the placese where we love to spend our freetime.

The thing with Starbucks though, is that it has its own culture with its own lingo and procedures that customers are expected to adapt to. And that's exactly what we are going to cover in this lesson.

So, if you can order coffee through Starbucks, you can figure out how to order coffee in any coffee shop!!

Lets begin:

The first thing that we need to do - is go over the layout of the store and how it all operates. Click here a full explanation of the store layout

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Need some help
with the lingo?

Go over some of the Starbucks lingo that will help you in understanding the world of Starbucks.

Coffee break time!

Take a coffee break
and have some coffee fun with Starbucks.